Bendix/King® Package


This package includes both the BENDIX/KING® KMD 550 and KLN 94 units.

SimFlyer’s unique proprietary methods of compiling our code and images (our exclusive FRF Technology) keeps the gauges extremely smooth and very Frame Rate Friendly!

While considered a “Gaming Product” the units look and respond much like their real-world counterparts. At SimFlyer, our main focus is to provide our customers with “well balanced gaming add-ons” that are both user friendly and as realistic as feasibly possible within a “gaming capacity.”

With SimFlyer products there are almost unlimited configuration possibilities. You can mix-and-match any gauges in the SimFlyer product line, giving you virtually unlimited possible configurations.

The BENDIX/KING® Package Includes:

  • KLN 94 GPS
  • KMD 550 Multi-Function Display
  • TCAS Equipped (KMD 550 only)

FREE Bonus Software Included in this Package:

  • KMA 28 Audio Panel
  • KT 70 Transponder
  • Bendix VOR Heads
  • KFC 225 Autopilot (not shown)
  • Full Bendix Radio Stack (not shown)


Please check out our in-game product video below.


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